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Move Over Dunkaroos, Doritos 3D Are Back

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/05/2021 | 2 Minute Read

As those everything-ruining millennials start turning forty, many have now taken it upon themselves to bore the internet youngsters, many that weren't even alive in the 1990s, with strolls along the snack aisles of yesteryear. Many of these treats have firmly remained vaulted in the past, such as Josta and Surge sodas, Butterfinger BBs, and Planters PB Crisps. Others, such as Dunkaroos, have a sizeable fanbase that has compelled a comeback.

Like Dunkaroos and the cast of Friends and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Doritos 3D wants to cash in on that 90s nostalgia and our apparent dislike of non-three-dimensional snacking. The revived Doritos offering launched during the holiday season, featuring brand new flavors—spicy ranch and chili cheese nacho. For the uninitiated and already bored Gen Z readers, Doritos 3D were puffy reuleaux-tetrahedron-shaped corn snacks that came in flavors such as nacho cheese, cheddar jalapeño, and ranch. While the snacks proved popular, they were eventually discontinued, though a version of the product would live south of the border in Mexico.

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Packaging for the return of Doritos 3D doesn’t go the retro route, however, opting for a shiny and edgy contemporary look, depicting an explosion of flavor on the front. Typography has a digital vibe, with a pouch that's slightly futuristic and tech-inspired, as the name “3D” likely found its inspiration in the cutting-edge computer-generated graphics of the time.

In one final bit of nostalgia, Doritos has asked back Ali Landry to promote the revived snack. The former Miss USA winner was famously featured in a Superbowl ad for Doritos 3D in 1998, earning her the nickname “Doritos Girl” and featuring Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes. Hayes and his friend try to impress Landry by flipping the puffy snacks into their mouths only to have her outplay them with elaborate parkour-style shenanigans culminating in a mouthful of Doritos shot out of a dryer into Landry's mouth.

We were more easily entertained back then.