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This Cereal Brand's Refresh Will Have You Saying "Holy Crap!"

by Shawn Binder on 01/28/2021 | 2 Minute Read

We love a product that gets right to the benefits of eating it! Holy Crap is a refreshed line of flavored seed-based cereals destined to end up in the acai bowls of every trendy person with an Instagram account. The typeface used is playful and visually arresting. The transition from the packages being metallic to a modern, matte color palette allows Holy Crap to step into the spotlight.

Holy Crap, a renowned gluten-free, vegan, and organic breakfast cereal, got its name from how impressively delicious it is. Take one bite of this granola and odds are, you’ll understand the namesake. 

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In 2010, Holy Crap was featured on Dragon’s Den, a reality TV show in which a variety of entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists with the goal of gaining investments. Since then, the brand has done very well for itself!

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Relying heavily on the success brought about from that episode, Holy Crap decided recently to make some changes to the brand identity. From there, Zesty Brands was contracted to develop a new look for this famous cereal. The goal was to produce packaging designs that would reflect updated positioning and modernize the brand.

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The founders’ notion, upon first creating the cereal, was to focus on consumers with food sensitivities and allergies. If they could make people happy from the inside out, their mission was complete. 

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Zesty Brands worked to develop a new brand identity that exudes a happy and approachable feel. Framing the idea of happiness, the lively logo features a subtle smiley face, which contributes to customer?s finding some delight in any shopping experience that includes a bag or two of Holy Crap.

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With a boldness that seems to pop on the shelf, the new package design makes as brave of a statement as its name. Between the friendly design cues and the way the photography captures the simplicity of the cereal, the product really is translated in a fun and attractive way. The zenful character on the back of the package (not pictured here) also adds a bit of playfulness, reflecting the brand’s personality. It ties together the awareness of the mind and body connection, which is fitting for the target audience!


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