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Neenah To Host ‘Elevate Your Brand’ Webinar For Designers

by Bill McCool on 01/27/2021 | 2 Minute Read

New Year’s resolutions are for chumps—try being a little kinder to yourself and taking a breath now and again. However, there’s nothing wrong with starting the year on a good note and getting yourself a little design motivation in the process. 

This February 4th, Neenah will host “Elevate Your Brand,” a webinar loaded with some of the best packaging inspiration and sustainable tips from the world of design. And, hey, seeing that no one’s working the conference route these days, there’s nothing wrong with a free webinar, especially when you can learn about elevating a design and creating a memorable brand experience or standing out from the competition on the shelf.

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Not only will you get a ton of great design advice, but all of the attendees will receive a copy of Neenah’s own packaging promo Elevate Your Brand.

From Neenah:

“Dallas Franklin, Creative Director for Neenah, will be leading the presentation, sharing tips on how to impress with unique, uncoated packaging design in emerging markets like cannabis, spirits, beauty, and personal care. Neenah’s recently released packaging focused promotion also titled, “Elevate Your Brand,” will be featured as a complement to this conversation.

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Find out how to help clients seeking sustainable solutions by creating memorable brand packaging using folding board, box wrap, and labels all designed to be earth-friendly while providing exceptional printability and performance. 

Industry experts from Edition Design and Rishi Tea share their brand refresh stories, plus insights on designing to align with brand values, sustainability programs, and consumer experience. See how they used the power of uncoated packaging as a backdrop to stunning print techniques that engage the senses and intrigue consumers.”

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It’s a perfect opportunity to bone up on some design knowledge and learn about the specialty printing techniques creatives can utilize to create meaningful brand experiences with premium, drop-drop-dead looks.

If you’re interested in attending, you can register here.