Not Quite Milk, But Milkish

by Shawn Binder on 01/25/2021 | 2 Minute Read

You can make your own beer and kombucha, but how about almond milk? Well, now you can. Firebox's playful identity of Milkish has retro flourishes for days and even brings along a milk bottle for folks to experiment with.

We've all been talking about the "new normal", but what about the moo normal? In the last year, plant-based milks have surged in popularity, growing by a whopping 5%. Today milk substitutes account for 14% of all milk sales. Almond has been the long-time market leader, but oat is currently the fastest growing.

So in other words: watch out skim and 2%, there's a new sheriff in town. 

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Compared to the processing of its traditional dairy counterpart, it is relatively straightforward and simple to make almond or oat milk! Many people have turned to making it in their own kitchens these days. While, yes, it takes a bit of time for the ingredients to soak, the actual preparation process only takes a few minutes. And Milkish makes it that much more appealing! So it's only a matter of time. That, and a dash of patience. 

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Milkish includes almost everything you need to make your own milk substitute. The best part is that everything comes in an oversized, retro-styled milk carton (only slightly bigger than the real thing for optimum volume, of course). Once you get inside, you’ll find premium accessories to help make your plant-based milk. The batch labels are included, detailing instructions and recommended ingredients to help liven up your concoction.

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Plus, the process of making your own plant-based milk is surprisingly fun! It is through the playfulness that comes out in the design and color scheme, that Milkish is able to communicate this brand identity. Without bordering on a design that is too childish, Firefox designed a container that successfully showcases the brand's intentions to make a tribute to the retro milk cartons of "yesteryear." Featuring a fresh and vibrant color palette, along with a clean type, the labeling and packaging of these bottles does exactly that. 

All in all, Milkish does us a few favors. It makes substituting milk that much easier, and takes us back to a different era, this time just a little more environmentally friendly. 

  • Design: Firebox
  • Instagram:
  • Creative Director: Xavier Unwin
  • Design and Development Team: Caitlin Parry, Caroline Odqvist, Miguel Latorre
  • Photography: Chris Saunders


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