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Huy Fong And Spiceology Team Up For Sriracha Dry Spice Line

by Bill McCool on 01/21/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Spiceology is quickly taking spice racks the world over, inviting both amateur chefs and food enthusiasts to reorganize their pantries so that they closely resemble that of the periodic table of elements. And, really, aside from pumping out the best flavor accouterments, the critical component for any spice brand is to create a cohesive and harmonious visual identity, especially for those of us that crave a little order in the kitchen.

Now, the spicey, chef-owned upstart is releasing their latest collaboration, and it involves that magical rooster down Irwindale way.

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Today, you can get a dry-spiced version of Huy Fong’s beloved pantry-staple Sriracha. Not only that, but it will come in six flavors—Black Truffle Sriracha, Honey Garlic Sriracha, Miso Teriyaki Sriracha, Thai Lime Sriracha, Smoked Maple Sriracha, and the slightly nauseating taste sensation that could only be called Candied Bacon Sriracha. Anyway, it’s a lot of Sriracha.

By no means is this the first iteration of a dry alternative to OG-wet Sriracha, but it’s certainly the first time it has taken up the mantle of Spiceology’s visual identity. The packaging design also blends in the primary visual assets of Huy Fong’s hot sauce, with the rooster prominently displayed in the background. Plus, these spices are red AF, a visual promise of the heat held within.

Jars are available over at Spiceology’s website, so get them while they’re hot, though they will never cease to be “hot,” FYI.

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