Style Icon Bernie Sanders Wears Mittens Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles To Biden Inauguration

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/20/2021 | 2 Minute Read

The swearing-in of a new president is full of pomp, ceremony, and attention-to-detail as is befitting such an event. Unsurprisingly, the fashion choices of the distinguished guests get combed over like tea leaves. Unlike an event like the Oscars, the guest list to the US inauguration includes folks whose decisions are of significant consequence to the country and the world.

Most politicians and guests use their attire to highlight their values or reinforce their public perception. President Biden chose a sensible suit from American heritage brand Ralph Lauren, while Vice President Kamala Harris rocked a regal purple ensemble designed by Christopher John Rogers, a Black and queer designer taking the fashion world by storm.

Editorial photograph

But Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders chose to stay on-brand, reminding everyone of his practical North-Eastern roots while giving zero-waste a moment in a day full of moments.

Of course, Bernie wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything other than the same parka from all the memes you know so well. Being a one-jacket person is a sustainable and practical fashion choice that doesn’t further strain the environment, a quality some will hardily welcome from the new budget committee chair. But the real star of the fit’ was the mittens, a gift from his constituent Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, VT. The cozy wool gloves are made from repurposed sweaters and lined with a fleece material consisting of recycled plastic bottles.

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In a way, Sanders reflects some of the austere and collective attitudes towards environmental issues like plastic pollution and global warming that many Americans hold, a show of solidarity that's sincere and on-brand for the Senator.

So yeah, chalk Bernie up to another one of our icons making zero-waste cool with some super cozy mittens.

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