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Milk Made Is Udderly Indulgent

by Shawn Binder on 01/20/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Most of the time, when you think of beer and milk in the same sentence, you think of a college dare waiting to go wrong.

However, with the new milk stout Milk Made, cows find their way into the minds of beer connoisseurs everywhere. The color palette sticks to the traditional black and white we've come to associate with most bovines before melting into a gradient brown. Additionally, the cow illustration looks as if it was lovingly crafted with pencil, and it allows every detail to stand out in contrast to the stark white of the label.

The cow also has a flower crown on, so it's, like, ready for Coachella or a Lana Del Rey concert.

Introducing the Milk Made, an indulgent milk stout from Badger Beers. Silky, smooth and complex, Milk Made delivers layers upon layers of chocolate, vanilla and coconut.

Dearness was only tasked with naming and designing the delicious beer.

Do. created a sultry dairy cow rising from the fresh milk to evoke the rich, creamy taste experience from the beer. Her head adorned with a garland in honour of the name ‘Milk Made’ - itself a play on the famous maids who wore the same.

Famed for their immunity, this was the perfect beer to launch in 2020 - a year of infection.

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