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Downey Potatoes Gets A Rebrand That’s In The Bag

by Shawn Binder on 01/15/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Breathing new life into the potato vertical doesn't exactly sound thrilling, and yet, the rebrand for Downey Farms Potatoes is both contemporary and charming. By producing the bags using a paper that looks like burlap, the designers pay homage to how consumers traditionally experience potato packaging but with a sustainable twist. The typeface used throughout the design has a 3D feel that's classic and timeless, while the illustration of a farmer on a tractor is pure kitsch (which we're totally here for).

A Rebrand That’s In The Bag.

The Downeys have grown, harvested, packaged, distributed and marketed potatoes for over ninety years selling to consumers, retailers, processors, restaurateurs and institutions.

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As a fan of our previous work of their Organic line, Mr. Downey asked us to develop a synergistic look for their parent brand, Downey Farms.

We knew these products needed to look as timeless and natural as possible. They are, after all, potatoes — so what better way to package them than in a potato sack? This look has been done to death with coffee, but surprisingly we didn’t see much if any burlap used by their competitors. Continuing with our heritage-inspired nameplate, we added usages to the simple typographic design to help the less savvy customer.

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We also thought a bit greener this time around, switching all the bags to paper. Besides being cheaper to produce, paper also absorbs moisture and provides a dark environment to ensure longer shelf life. Plus, to provide better taste and less waste, we replaced the bag’s non-recyclable netting with simple air holes for optimum freshness, making the bag 100% recyclable for the first time.

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The roll-out also included non-consumer facing 50lb bags and shipping boxes. As these are typically done on the cheap with little branding, we were more than happy to continue with the look and feel — establishing a more consistent look across all points of contact.

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