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Your Uniform, Your Way

by Jessica Deseo on 01/15/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

When you flame grill a burger, you are introducing imperfections into the process. Those little bits of char, those nooks, those mistakes — that’s where the flavor lives. So when it came time to inject flavor into Burger King uniforms, the focus was not on how to make them perfect, but how to make them imperfect: our way.

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In chasing imperfection, Jones Knowles Ritchie called up fashion designer Bryce Barnes, who hit on finishes like exposed stitching, accessories (including pins), unique proportions and additional sizing options to make a uniform that is anything but uniform. Each BK associate can have it their way and in their style, without sacrificing craveability.

The final look may not be perfect, but we wouldn’t want it that way. Perfection demands a lack of choice, and at Burger King, everyone can have it their way.

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When it came time to showcase the uniforms, we continued this motif, asking Burger King employees from the New York area if they wanted to be the models. They showed up big — including Lisa, a Burger King manager for 20 years.

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The total rebrand garnered over 1.1B impressions in the first five days and acclaim by industry leaders, press and customers alike. The new uniforms were envy-inducing, garnering comments like, ”Boutta apply to Burger King, get the new uniform, and quit” And “Might go eat at Burger King just to see the new uniforms frfr.” Most importantly, the refreshed brand identity made our audience hungry, with a 39% increase in visitation intent.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

  • Designed By: JKR
  • Client: Burger King
  • Creative Agency: Jones Knowles Ritchie
  • Restaurant Brands International:
  • Global Chief Marketing Officer: Fernando Machado
  • VP, Global Head of Design: Rapha Abreu
  • Global Brand Design: Mary Yetter
  • Jones Knowles Ritchie:
  • Global Chief Creative Officer: Tosh Hall
  • CEO, North America: Sara Hyman
  • Executive Creative Director: Lisa Smith
  • Creative Director: Christian Widlic
  • Design Director: Justin Fines
  • Senior Designer: Daniel Stettner
  • Senior Designer: JiYoon Cha
  • Senior Designer: Taylor Childers
  • Senior Designer: Regina Puno
  • Designer: Jackie Rodriguez
  • 3D Visualization Director: Mat Brown
  • Implementation Designer: Linda Strong
  • Logo Type Design: Miles Newlyn [partner]
  • Type Design: Cololphon Foundry [partner]
  • Illustration: Cachetejack [partner]
  • Uniform Design: Bryce Barnes [partner]
  • Uniform Photographer: Mari Juliano* [partner]
  • Senior Copywriter: Joe Schott
  • Copy Director: Morgan Doff
  • Head of Motion: Dan Kennington
  • Motion Designer: Winston Duke
  • Motion Designer: Chris Frost
  • Group Account Director: Jenna Portela
  • Account Director: Owen McAleer
  • Senior Account Manager: Izzy Taaffe
  • Head of Strategy: Gavin May
  • Strategy Director: Christopher Allen
  • Print Production Director: Stephen Kwartler
  • Senior Production Designer: Miguel Altagracia
  • Senior Production Designer: John Colón
  • Marketing Director: Amy Maw
  • Global Communications Manager: Jackie Sumsky
  • Marketing Manager: Carolyn McKeown


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