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Sunday Was Made For You To Yard Better

by Dieline Author on 01/15/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The opportunity:

Our liquid lawn fertilizer launch in Walmart. Transforming from a custom D2C experience to retail.

What we needed:

A custom design that delivered on self-navigation, building confidence and sustainability.

Product navigation:

To help people choose the right product for their lawn in a category (lawn care) known for its complexity. We built our product names, category designations (growth, fortify, repair), and ingredient attributes with self-navigation in mind creating a user-friendly, intuitive, easily navigated experience. Our yard size illustration on the side panel helps buyers know how much the need for their lawn with a friendly basketball measurement reference key.

Empowering consumers in a new experience (liquid lawn fertilizer):

Telling and showing what it is and how it works through titles, attributes and helpful graphics. What’s inside guide on the top of box. Hose illustration to demonstrate how to use on front panel. Our easy 4 step how-to illustration on the back panel let’s buyers know exactly what they are signing up for with this product - A really easy user experience. Our Better Lawn Guarantee badge builds confidence in trying something new/different. It lets consumers know we stand behind our product and we have what it takes to help them grow a better lawn.

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Packaging sustainability:

The Sunday liquid fertilizer pouch uses 60% less plastic than a bottle or rigid container of the same size. The pouch design also makes for more efficient shipping reducing carbon emissions. The result is a packaging experience that has a better impact on the environment while the products inside help you grow a better lawn for the environment.

We developed the Lawn Care on A Mission badge to help deliver the message that our brand is about more than lawn care. You can read more about our 1% for the Planet pledge by fliipping to Protect Our Prairies on the side panel. 1% of every product is donated to help preserve and protect important habitats like the American tallgrass prairie.

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Projects simplicity of product and user experience from end-to-end.

Approachable and friendly design:

Stands in contrast to typical intimidating, confusing, exclusive packaging on shelf. Instead we leverage fun, vibrant colors, approachable formatting, and welcoming and helpful graphics.

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