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Get Your Instagram Feed Ready For Native Sodas

by Dieline Author on 01/15/2021 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Native Soda sparkling waters are flavoured with a hint of Native Australian botanicals found no where else in the world.

Our packaging design features a diverse range of human hands that represent our end to end community that enable Native Soda to be produced, this is our acknowledgement of respect, thankfulness and gratitude towards them.

And fancy too...

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Our labels not only look beautiful but there is substance behind us too.

One of the line items in the design brief was that the labels had to be 'instagramable' and make any consumer feel proud to be holding them, gifting them and be loud and proud in the public eye with a Native Soda.

Fancy because it's a matt finish that has high build gloss embossed features on the brand name so when you grab an ice cold one out of the ice bucket it feels tactile & expensive and is easier to hold, instead of slippery and cheap. We have used high quality wine label stock so it doesn't deteriorate in water and looks beautiful with droplets of water.

Editorial photograph

Our aim is to have a positive reflection of our community in our imagery which supports diversity and inclusion. We have 6 Native Soda varieties (includes 3 alcoholic) that together represent our community of diversity; females (3 images) and males (2 images) as well as the LGBQTI (1 image). We are striving to make diversity in branding a norm.

Beauty and brains too!

But wait, there's more...

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Native Soda gives back to first Nations communities in Australia through our ethical sourcing policy supply chain partners via the creation approx 1000 seasonal worker job opportunities as well as donating to established programs that benefit Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islanders of and around Australia, our First Nations.

We also care immensely about our global environment so made a conscious decision to use aluminum cans that are infinitely recyclable, light & easy to transport, our labels are bio degradable and we have an ethical sourcing policy that sees our end to end value chain partners also doing the right things in sustainable ways for humans as well as the environment.

All of our label designs feature iconic birds and the Australian Native Cockatiels were selected for our non-alcoholic range because of their iconic imagery and cheeky personality which truly imbibes the Australian spirit.

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For the birds...

We taste delicious!

If you haven't tasted a Quandong, Davidson Plum, Rosella or Aniseed Myrtle before then our copy helps customers cross this barrier and explains what they taste like and provides examples akin to what they would already be familiar with, giving our new customers comfort and reassurance through their buying decision. This assists the customer in pushing past the unfamiliar botanical flavour names and into the enticement/ curiosity/ excitement/ purchase/happiness zone.


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Well actually the owner was born in the 70s and the dieline reflects back to childhood memories and the time when there was clean healthy living and real food on the table.

I'm living in the 70s...

Native Soda is low in calories, no added sugar and contains purely natural native Australian botanical extracts. There is nothing artificial, just pure goodness to be had.

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