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E-Cloth Puts The E In Easy, Efficient, And Environmentally Friendly

by Jessica Deseo on 01/15/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Today’s consumers are trying to be more conscious and considered when choosing their cleaning products. But, we're still being overwhelmed by choice, have cleaning cupboards full of plastic bottles and an approach that sees us still overly-reliant on chemicals that often move dirt around rather than removing it.

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Our big opportunity with E-Cloth, a brand of premium, superior quality, microfiber cleaning cloths, was to help them challenge everything we think we know about household cleaning. With a new visual expression and communication, E-Cloth had the power to drive a shift away from our chemically-enhanced, 'spray and wipe’ culture and change our mindset from excess to essential by unlocking the power of microfiber and water to trap, hold and eliminate dirt with E-Cloth and water proven to kill 99% of bacteria.

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The modern and bold ‘E’ wordmark is a strong hook that visually manifests into a distinctive packaging format that’s rooted in the brand’s many and varied qualities of being – ‘easy’, ‘efficient’, ‘environmental’ and ‘enduring’. To spark interest with consumers wondering a busy aisle, the shape of the ‘E’ forms a cut-out window to frame and showcase the product inside. This window device seamlessly translates into different size boxes across the range.

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

For example, with the range of cleaning cloths, an elongated box is used for the Deep Clean Mop and a wider box and ‘E’ for the Window Cleaning cloths successfully showcase the different products and aid navigation. A vibrant brand colour palette helps product navigation across the range and appears strikingly impactful when lined up on shelf and amongst competitors.

Editorial photograph
  • Designed By: Pearlfisher
  • Founding Partner & Group Creative Director: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
  • Founding Partner & Group Chairman: Mike Branson, Pearlfisher
  • Partner, Design & Experience: David Jenkinson, Pearlfisher
  • Design Director: Rich Wilson, Pearlfisher
  • Designer: Melissa Taylor, Pearlfisher
  • Senior Artworker: Alex Silver, Pearlfisher


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