Mt Macedon Rose Skincare From Maine Beach Is For Both Kings And Queens

by Shawn Binder on 01/12/2021 | 2 Minute Read

When your brand is named for a distinct place, you need to make sure your packaging design is unique as well. Mt. Macedon skincare definitely took that to heart when considering its visual identity.

Utilizing a warm, pink-tan as the base color across all product variants, Mt. Macedon speaks to how fruitful the soil in the surrounding area is by using illustrations of flora faintly placed behind the typeface. Perhaps the most luxurious element of this package design is the pink-copper foil used for the brand name, a reminder that this is a skincare line honoring the royal lineage from which it received its namesake, King Phillip II of Macedon.

"The magnificent gardens of the Mount Macedon region in Victoria inspired this contemporary rose bodycare & home fragrance collection by Maine Beach. Mount Macedon's unique geography and cool climate, combined with its rich volcanic soils has created ideal conditions for these exquisite grand gardens to flourish.

NW of Melbourne, the landmark mountain is proudly named in honour of King Philip II of Macedon, as from its summit the spectacular view extends to Port Philip Bay.

As gift items, the presentation reigns supreme – the luscious packaging is rich with foil and tactile embellishments. The products are enriched with organic rosehip oil and a voluptuous rose fragrance with notes of delicate spice, crushed violet and citrus leaves."

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
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