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KOi Is A Tropical Escape

by Shawn Binder on 01/12/2021 | 2 Minute Read

The design for KOi is bisected, allowing the upper half to utilize negative space and minimally use a colored typeface to convey important skincare information to the consumer. The bottom half of the packages feature tropical collage-style illustrations with the occasional bright pop of color to an otherwise straightforward design. While we're all presumably stuck indoors, it's nice that KOi is there to remind us that there is a tropical escape waiting for us.

Hulsbosch has launched a new brand identity and positioning for Australian Supermarket Coles’ skincare brand KOi. Hulsbosch and Coles undertook six months of research to develop the brand strategy and philosophy, creative direction and the overall brand vision.

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Belinda Anderson, head of marketing for Coles Own Brand, said they wanted to highlight the craft and quality of ingredients that are behind the KOi products.

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“The craftsmanship and commitment that goes into every KOi product, knowing only the best, natural ingredients have been used, is real value for our cost-conscious market and articulates our belief in beauty for the everyday,” Anderson said. “Customers are drawn to active, pure ingredient combinations for optimal skin care that also considers the environment. KOi is a natural escape from the everyday.”

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