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Stoic Makes a Bold Colorful Impact on Disposable Gloves

by Dieline Author on 01/11/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Disposable gloves are consumables commonly used by professionals in a variety of industries. One major caveat is that the products in this category can hardly depend on customer loyalty, with the principal distinction (and the main requirement) being puncture resistance.

The industry has largely overlooked the branding in this category. In fact, none of the competitors have bothered to sort out the branding: everyone seems to be happy with perfunctory design solutions.

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Solution: The idea was that the client would be the first in the segment to actually communicate the product’s main advantage – its durability. The package was to become the main brand positioning tool, not just an insignificant and utilitarian box.

Whatever the challenge, your gloves will be up to the task.

Stoic – the gloves that stoically withstand just about any challenge.

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Gloves with strong durability.

The package realistically imitates glove material. It appears that inside the package there is a sharp object that could potentially puncture the material, but it doesn’t. It only appears to stretches the elastic surface.

Thanks to the clear-cut and crisp solution, the design is both neat and distinctive, so the package will stand out on any surface, cluttered as it may be.

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  • Creative director: Vladimir Fedoseev
  • Design-director: Arina Yushkevich
  • Art-director: Ksenia Okhotnikova
  • Designer: Sergey Gurianov
  • 3D-designer: Daria Lubashova
  • Сopywriter's: Daria Sholomitskaya, Sasha Kizik
  • Project-manager: Eugenia Strelnikova


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