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Menstruation Now Has A Pantone Color, And It's Part Of Period Positivity Campaign

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/30/2020 | 2 Minute Read

For a lot of folks, when it comes to menstruation, we’re very much stuck in the past, and it often gets treated as a taboo subject in much of the world.

Swedish feminine care brand Intimina, makers of menstrual cups and intimate well-being products, was looking for a way to destigmatize and normalize discussions surrounding menstruation. To do this, they partnered with the Pantone Color Institute to develop and release a dynamic red color representative of the monthly occurrence.

Dubbed Period, and Part of Intimina’s Seen+Heard campaign to promote period positivity, the color  is described as “an original shade of red that represents a steady flow during menstruation.” 

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It's also, you know, a pretty common thing that happens to a person's body. 

The campaign was designed to empower everyone, regardless of gender, to feel comfortable to talk openly and proudly about their period, engaging in conversations while encouraging a more sympathetic, accurate depiction of menstruation in our culture.

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“Despite the fact that billions of people experience menstruation, it has historically been treated as something that shouldn’t be seen or talked about publicly. And if we look at popular culture, depictions of periods have ranged from wildly inaccurate and unsympathetic to being the subject of jokes and derision. Enough is enough, it’s 2020,” said Danela Žagar, Intimina global brand manager, in a press release.

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Laurie Pressman, vice-president of Pantone Color Institute, added, “We were very honored to partner with Intimina on the creation of Period, a confident red shade symbolic of the empowering message expressed in their new Seen + Heard campaign. An active and adventurous red hue, courageous Period emboldens people who menstruate to feel proud of who they are. To own their period with self-assurance; to stand up and passionately celebrate the exciting and powerful life force they are born with; to urge everyone regardless of gender to feel comfortable to talk spontaneously and openly about this pure and natural bodily function.”