Inspired by Geography, Camber Coffee Bags Are A Marbled Marvel

by Shawn Binder on 09/30/2020 | 1 Minute Read

Inspired by the natural geography from which the coffee originates, Camber Coffee bags are a marbled beauty. Each coffee variety has its own color scheme and marbled design, making every bag feel unique and special. The minimalist approach the rest of the design takes brings the coffee company a luxury feel.

The inspiration for these designs came during a hike in the Chuckanuts - the coastal mountain range near our hometown of Bellingham, Washington. There are lichen-kissed sandstone formations there, which take on a mesmerizing marbling effect. We sent photos of these rocks to our friend and designer, Eric Fisher. This was in 2017. After years of iterations and drawdowns, we landed on the final product, which we're so, so pleased with.

We've long marveled at how coffee occupies this beautiful, delicate space between nature and humankind. For us, this packaging occupies a similar space.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph


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