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8oz Lo-Ball Can Is Easy, Breezy RTD Branding

by Shawn Binder on 09/03/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Whiskey is usually the only thing that can make baseball enjoyable for me to watch, so I really appreciate the baseball themed branding for the Lo-Ball. The too-cool-for-school illustration of the baseball character seems chill, like the type of guy doing keg stands at a frat party. The decidedly masculine branding is just pop-art enough to make consumers extremely fascinated about cracking one open. This is fun, breezy RTD branding at it's best. 

Lo-Ball is our take on a whiskey highball - crisp, light and citrusy. At only 5% this cider is 8 ounces of cute, crushable fun that is built to help you make it through all 9 innings.

When we decided we wanted to come out with a "highball inspired" 8 oz can we knew we wanted it to be lighthearted and fun. At Shacksbury we do a lot of collaborations but this was our first "design collaboration". We knew we wanted a mascot on the can and had worked with Will Bryant previously on "shorts" our first 8oz can so we asked him to help us design something in the spirit of the movie Major League.

While this was happening, Bart Sasso was designing the world in which this character would live. Bart hit it out of the park with the throwback Lo-Ball wordmark and drove the baseball theme home with hand drawn pennants for tasting notes and vintage scoreboard style cards to display key nutrition facts. This is a pretty casual light hearted beverage and we wanted to make sure this label really showed how we wanted people to just enjoy this beverage.

The next in the line is going to be a 16oz "big Slugger" edition because sometimes 8oz of a light refreshing beverage isn't enough.

- Luke

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