Amazon To Highlight Sustainably-Certified and 'Climate Pledge Friendly' Products

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/28/2020 | 2 Minute Read

As part of Amazon’s goal of meeting the Paris Agreement goals a decade early and being net-zero carbon by 2040, the firm has announced a “Climate Pledge Friendly” initiative. With their latest measure, they will highlight products holding at least one of 19 sustainability certifications, as well as a Compact By Design certification for goods designed to reduce greenhouse emissions and lower waste through efficient production and packaging.

The programs start with over 25,000 products in categories like beauty, fashion, grocery, household, and personal electronics from brands including Burt’s Bees Baby, HP, and Seventh Generation. The products will be clearly noted as sustainable in a customer's search results and come with additional details on its product page as well as having a dedicated section on Amazon.

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Amazon is also working directly with independent organizations providing related certification, such as the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, using its position as a global retailer to bridge the gap between non-profits, manufacturers, and resellers on their marketplace platform.

Some of the products exemplifying the goals of the new program include Seventh Generation’s super-concentrated laundry detergent, which is certified Compact by Design and uses 60% less plastic, halving the water of a typical 100oz liquid detergent bottle. Similarly, there's also Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface concentrate, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with distribution by eliminating water. One 32oz bottle can make 16 gallons of cleaning solution and reduces the need for additional plastic bottles.

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“Climate Pledge Friendly is a simple way for customers to discover more sustainable products that help preserve the natural world,” said Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in a press release. “With 18 external certification programs and our own Compact by Design certification, we’re incentivizing selling partners to create sustainable products that help protect the planet for future generations.”

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