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Space Coyote Doesn't Run Away From Its Stoner Ethos

by Bill McCool on 09/02/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Every cannabis company wants the shine of a respectable brand, and it's no shock that plenty of them want to look more like a high-end fashion house or an established entity.

That's why Space Coyote is so refreshing. Instead of trying to look like the next Starbucks or MarcJacobs, they lean into their stoner ethos. Plus, who doesn't like a good Simpsonsreference? Designed in-house, the visual identity and packaging explores the more psychedelic side of cannabis branding and manages to keep it grounded and fun.

Scott Sundvor and Libby Cooper (Scott + Libby), are co-founders of Space Coyote. The idea for Space Coyote was conceptualized on one galactic night in Joshua Tree with a meteor shower overhead. The couple sought to merge together two previously segregated cannabis market segments — flower and extracts. Before Space Coyote, there was very little overlap between preroll consumers and concentrate consumers, and after years of rolling their own home-version of a Space Coyote, they wanted to bring them to market.

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Space Coyote combines high quality flower and well known, branded extracts into one delicious joint. This provides co-marketing opportunities to established extract brands, while in the process supporting small family farms growing the highest quality and most potent bud. 

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Co-founder Libby is all about normalizing the female stoner.

"Women are stoners too – we see most low dose products marketed to women, while high potency products are not," she says. "Space Coyote is here to change that, providing high quality, high potency products for all stoners regardless of gender."

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She also happens to be the designer behind the brand. Libby wanted to be an artist since the age of five, but life took her on a more design-focused path.

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The aesthetic of Space Coyote is exploring the psychedelic side of cannabis, which can be seen in both of branding of the company and the artists they commission pieces from.


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