Coolhaus Tosses Some Ritz Crackers Into A Pint Of Ice Cream And Calls It Dessert

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/02/2020 | 1 Minute Read

Sweet and savory mixups in ice cream are nothing new. Peanuts are a common sundae fixing, and ice cream makers like Ben & Jerry’s have incorporated salty toppings such as pretzels and potato chips as well. But one iconic snack staple has been surprisingly absent from the supermarket freezers until now, thanks to Coolhaus and Ritz.

Coolhaus blends peanut butter ice cream with a Ritz cracker swirl for a combination that’s tried-and-true delicious with a generous dose of nostalgia for grown-ups that fondly remember peanut butter slathered onto a buttery crisp and salty Ritz cracker as a childhood snack.

Editorial photograph

The pints are co-branded with Ritz, and it deviates from the standard pint design for Coolhaus, sharing some common elements like the drip effect and logos. Overall, the container's dominant design touch is a peanut buttery hue set against the familiar Ritz red.

In some ways, the nostalgic and decadent mix of flavors and textures is a more comforting treat than a predictable pumpkin spice fall essence. Whereas one might crave a lighter or more refreshing taste in the summer, fall’s crisp air and shorter days inspire more indulgent and richer cravings.

Crackers and Cream is a limited time offering beginning September 9th and available while supplies last, according to Delish.

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