Take The Pressure Off With Mary — A Low Alcohol Botanical Blend

by Shawn Binder on 09/16/2020 | 2 Minute Read

The influx of hard-liquor alternatives has been a beauty to witness if, like us, you enjoy some beautifully designed packaging. The category has grown, featuring stunning designs and products that won't leave consumers with a hangover. Mary is no exception, bringing striking, chunky fonts and a vivid hunter-green to the forefront of it's design. The circular text elements and the lemon circle featured on the design give Mary's a modern and sophisticated look that will invite any skeptic to take a sip. 

Mary is the deliciously low alcohol botanical blend that’s easy on your body, mind and the world.

We’re not tea-totallers and we’ve got no agenda to push. Life’s too short for that.

We just reckon, sometimes, there’s too much pressure on us all these days. Pressure to look good, to be in control, be a professional, climb the ladder, lean in, be a patient parent, and a picture of perfection. And that includes the pressure (be it social, emotional or physical) to have a full strength drink when you might not feel like it. TSo we created Mary — to make things easy, to take the pressure off.

The fresh taste in each bottle of Mary doesn’t require rare ingredients with complex extraction methods and long carbon-heavy journeys. Mary is made with easy-to-source herbs and botanicals from close-by, that are produced sustainably. The key garden herbs we use are familiar to everyone: basil, thyme and sage. These herbs are blended with botanicals and a light-touch of alcohol to intensify aromas and flavors to create a deliciously fresh, and naturally low calorie product.

With green garden herbs at the heart of our product, we created a brand identity that celebrates the optimism of nature. Bold, pop yellows inspired by the sun and lush leafy patterns layer onto rich green photography. We wanted a brand that reflects the boldness of our product and bring some fun to the world of low alcohol products.

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  • Design Director: Adeline Chong
  • Creative Director: Michael Scantlebury
  • Marketing Director: Eric Sampers
  • Commercial Director: Angel Garcia Recuero
  • 3D renders: Andres Clerc
  • Photography: Alan Pringle
  • Drinks styling: Tara Garnell
  • Art Direction: Shaye Laree


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