Stream NFL Games With Miller Lite's 'Cantenna'

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/15/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Since the onset of Coronavirus-related shutdowns of major professional sports leagues, competition-starved Americans have made do with watching reruns of past championship matches, competitive marble-racing, and professional Afghan Buzkashi

But now, all major professional sports leagues in the US have resumed matches, with the NFL the latest to kick-off its 101st season, though it will mostly lack the usual trappings of packed stadiums and tailgating fans in the parking lot. Even sports bars remain closed for some fans of the Gridiron, and social distancing guidelines advise against or even prohibits large parties with members outside of their household. Fans will have to enjoy their beer, wings, and football exclusively from their couch with friends.

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For fans lacking a cable TV plan, coronavirus hasn’t changed their need to find alternative viewing methods this season. With the exception of a pal's borrowed account password, many frugal football fans turn to piracy, using illegal websites rebroadcasting licensed streams. Miller Lite hopes to dissuade sports-starved and broke fans from sketchy streaming sites with their latest campaign, which features a digital antenna shaped like a can of beer.

The “Cantenna” is a straightforward design, modeled after the classic Miller Lite can, with a goal-post appendage that serves as antennae on the top. A cable connects it to a TV or monitor to receive incoming games and any other HD content available in the area, over-the-air.

This isn’t the first beer can Miller Lite has converted into a gadget. Last year, the beer brand debuted the “Cantroller,” a Bluetooth gamepad with buttons printed onto the can’s label, which it gave away as a prize for beating comedian Eric Andre at Street Fighter V.

Football fans looking to watch an out-of-market game will still have to shell out the big bucks for Sunday Ticket or resort to internet piracy, so don’t delete the bookmark to that shady streamer just yet.

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