Social Tonic Specialists Cann Release Two New Products, Cann Lite and Cann Roadies

by Bill McCool on 08/05/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Now that cannabis-infused social tonic Cann has sold their millionth can (with one less “n,” mind you), they’re expanding their portfolio and debuting two new products, Cann Lite and Cann Roadies.

Cann Lite features the same dosage that you’ll find in Cann’s flagship beverages—2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD—but drops the agave for a lighter, more refreshing beverage. With just eight calories and 2 grams of sugar, it’s a winnowed down, crips drink for the dog days of summer, and comes in their Grapefruit Rosemary variant.

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Cann Roadies, on the other hand, is the perfect on-the-go, beach-ready drink. Just tear open one of the Lemon Lavender sachets and pour into sparkling water and boom, you have instant Cann. Each packet has the same dosage as the other Cann products to give you just enough of a kick while you lazily watch the sunset.

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Designed by Brooklyn branding agency Red Antler and the inhouse team at Cann, alongside artist Kanako Shimura for their line art illustration, the packaging follows the basic formula laid out when the brand debuted at MedMen in June last year. The line illustration depicts threadbare images of the ingredients used in the drinks and looks like any other upscale sparkling water you’d find in the cooler at Whole Foods. Except for, you know, it has weed in it.

While Roadies are available now throughout California, you can only find the Lite variant at MedMen locations for a limited time.

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