Brewer Recreates Dunkaroos But With Beer, 90s Kids Don't Care That Gen Z Doesn't Get It

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/21/2020 | 1 Minute Read

Sure, all the Tik-Toking Generation Zs have been roasting millennials pretty savagely lately, but these kids are just bitter they didn’t get to experience the joys of Dunkaroos, small cookies packaged with dippable frosting that became a sugary hit 90s kids. Betty Crocker first introduced the snack in 1992, eventually discontinuing it in 2012 in the US, and 2018 in Canada. Millennial nostalgia has a way of resurrecting old favorites, however, with Dunkaroos being no exception, as the snack was revived earlier this year.

The folks at Martin House Brewing, based in Fort Worth, TX, also remembered joys of scooping up frosting with cookies and created a beer they promise tastes like Dunkaroos with a label design that visually delivers a taste of the 90s snack called “Dunkabroos.”

Editorial photograph

Martin House first set off to find Dunkaroos, “for research,” and was finally able to brew a beer with a sweet vanilla cookie, sprinkles, and frosting taste and feel. The can’s label makes use of the iconic 90s graphics, using organic and geometric pattern clashes with bright colors, all serving as a backdrop to a lounging, sassy kangaroo.

Though the brewer expected a lot of interest, they admitted on social media that they greatly underestimated interest and have sold out, inviting the curious to follow them on Instagram to know when they’ll brew another batch.

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