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Away Designs Travel Wellness Kit For Those Still On The Road

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/11/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Though nearly all of us are staying put due to the c-virus, the unfortunate truth is that some folks have to travel, whether it's for essential work or a family emergency. Traveling already takes a toll on the body’s immune system in the best of times, but that risk is compounded by COVID-19, making airports, train stations, and bus depots toxic environments. 

Luggage brand Away became an Insta-darling for understanding travelers’ needs, and they also happen to know a thing or two about toxic environments. So while there isn’t much demand currently for their chic carry-ons, Away has adapted to the times, releasing a limited-edition kit designed to provide a buffer between travelers and the coronavirus.

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The “Travel Wellness Kit” is packed with some helpful sanitary items like a 1oz bottle of hand sanitizer gel, a pack of ten anti-bacterial wet wipes, 30 dissolvable soap leaves, and a reusable GIR x Away silicon mask with five filters. The items get packed in a cute mini-me version of their signature totes in navy and asphalt. Post-corona, these totes are big enough that they can get repurposed into a matching toiletry bag, and just like their bigger brethren, they are pricey, selling for $65.

As part of the Travel Wellness Kit’s release, Away is donating GIR silicone masks to non-sectarian organization God’s Love We Deliver, whose mission is to deliver meals to vulnerable individuals who can not prepare meals for themselves.

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Away’s kits are already sold-out, but the popularity of the item and the annoying persistence of the coronavirus may prompt the firm to restock the product soon.