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Budweiser Releases Its First-Ever Alcohol-Free Beer

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/31/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Historically, non-alcoholic beers have generally been unpopular, usually because they don’t taste all that great, or for lack of buzz

But millennials and older Gen Zs are changing the perception and expectations of non-alcoholic beer, thanks in part to a growing “sober curious” movement and larger beer brands are taking notice. When launching a legitimate 0% ABV version of their signature brew, Heinekin enlisted actors from millennial/Gen Z favorite “The Office” to pitch it. 

The Dutch brewer isn’t the only macro to sit up and take notice, as Budweiser has just announced their own booze-less beer, the first non-alcoholic brew to carry the Budweiser brand.

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Budweiser Zero, developed in partnership with NBA legend Dwayne Wade, isn't just lacking in alcohol, it's also missing most of the calories (50 per serving) and almost all of the signature red on their label. The Zero’s can has most of the same visual elements found on Bud’s flagship offerings, but is executed in a sleek, mostly white design, save for a touch of red highlighting the zero-ness of the beer.

“Over the past year, we have seen hundreds of new beverage options come to market, with non-alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages quickly rising in popularity,” said Monica Rustgi, Vice President Marketing for Budweiser, describing the motivation behind creating Budweiser Zero in a press release.

Anyway, you can finally drop that hero and get with the zero now. Officially.

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