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French's and Oskar Blues Team Up For Mustard Beer

by Bill McCool on 07/29/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Last Summer, French’s and Coolhaus ice cream brought us the taste nightmare that is mustard ice cream. The mustard brand, no longer content with ruining one ice-cold treat, has set their sites on perhaps the backyard BBQ’s most beloved staple—beer.

For National Mustard Day—which I’m sure you’ve been eagerly anticipating and clearly marked on your calendar—French’s teamed up with Colorado brewing powerhouse Oskar Blues to brew a limited-release mustard beer. Dubbed as tropical wheat beer brewed with French’s, the brewery promises a fruity and tart ale with hints of lemon, lime, tangerine, and passion fruit.

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The packaging for the mustard beer is on point, and closely resembles a bottle of French’s, so much so that you might believe that the brand was now selling Yellow Poupon in cans. Thankfully, they retained enough of Oskar’s branding so that you won’t have any disastrous outcomes should a hotdog be within arm’s reach.

“We’re stoked on bold flavors at Oskar Blues Brewery, and we never shy away from a challenge,” said Oskar Blues head brewer Juice Drapeau in a press release. “With French’s Mustard Beer, we elevated the Classic Yellow Mustard flavor with tangy lemon and lime to create a tropical wheat ale I’d pair with a loaded hot dog on the hottest day of the year.”

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

“French’s enjoys creating new curiosity around a flavor that has been a staple in homes for over 115 years,” said Jill Pratt, chief marketing excellence officer for French’s, in the same press release. “The incredible reaction to last year’s release of our Mustard Ice Cream showed us how far people are willing to go to savor this favorite condiment.  We promise this French’s Mustard Beer will not disappoint either.”

Anywho, this is just a reminder that French’s Mustard doesn’t taste like lemon, lime, tangerine, or passion fruit. Enjoy your "mustard" beer, you sweaty heathens.

Should you need to at least sample this condiment-adjacent curiosity, visit Craftshack and order some today.