Featured image for Junipero Gin Invites You To Have 'More Firsts, Less Fear'

Junipero Gin Invites You To Have 'More Firsts, Less Fear'

by Bill McCool on 06/18/2020 | 1 Minute Read

As summer gets underway, those reaching for a G&T and a new addition to their bar cart should look to craft gin Junipero. Branding agency Stranger & Stranger recently rebranded the gin and updated their packaging with a bold message, telling consumers to have “more firsts” and “less fear.” 

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"As the original American craft gin, Junipero deserves to have a certain swagger. It's always been a bold and distinctive liquid with an unfiltered opinion about what gin should be, and the new packaging celebrates that free spirit with a confident dark juniper colored glass and brand message - "More firsts, less fear" - wrapping around the bottle.

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Cosimo Surace, Creative Director of Stranger & Stranger said: “The gin shelf is very crowded, so it's important to stand out. We always ask brands what they stand for, why anyone should care, and fortunately for us, Junipero had a very clear answer. Made our life a lot easier."

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