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Craft Brewers Around The World Band Together For 'Black Is Beautiful' Stout

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/10/2020 | 2 Minute Read

The tragic death of George Floyd while being detained by four members of the Minneapolis Police Department set in motion responses in cities across the US (as well as the world), with thousands of people marching against police brutality, systemic racism, and the injustices suffered by Black Americans. 

Though protests have primarily been led by groups such as Black Lives Matter, the movement has amassed a diverse group of allies, from K-pop fans subverting police tattletale apps and racist hashtags on social media, the Amish standing in solidarity with protestors, hacktivist group Anonymous promising to air MPD’s dirty laundry, witches casting helpful spells, cowboys mounting up and taking to the streets, and even a sitting Republican US Senator.

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Now, those fighting for justice and police reform can count upon another ally—craft beer makers.

Black is Beautiful” is a collaborative effort with two purposes—to increase awareness of the ongoing injustice Black Americans and other people of color face every day as well as raise money to support groups working towards reform efforts. Craft brewer Marcus Baskerville of San Antonio’s Weathered Souls Brewing Company was inspired to create the stout as a way to contribute to the cause. After sharing the beer with fellow brewer Jeff Stuffings, Jeff suggested he make it a collaboration, similar to the “All Together” collab started in support of restaurant, bar, and other hospitality workers economically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The recipe is available to all breweries, with the only condition being that they donate all proceeds from the beer to organizations committed to ending police brutality. 

Both the recipe and label found inspiration in color swatches, and the cans and bottles will depict the different skin tones one finds in the Black community. Each shade rolls out as a gradient and symbolizes coming together for a shared cause. Additionally, the logo resembles many of the protest signs in the BLM movement.

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Designed by Kevin Dyer of KD Designs, the label is available to any brewer, with the hope that they donate a portion of sales to organizations related to the current fight for police reform and those providing legal support against those wronged. Agency Creative Mango is offering a discount for breweries that order labels and stickers through them, though the designs are freely available to any beer maker.

To date, “Black is Beautiful” stout beer is available from 448 breweries in 43 US states and 11 countries.

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