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The Subscription Services That Are Getting Us Through Quarantine

by The Dieline on 05/04/2020 | 3 Minute Read

Delivery is king, or at least, right now, it really is.

Because, as we are all fully aware now, quarantining is hard—really hard. You avoid going to the store as much as humanly possible, and when you do finally manage to hit your local grocer or Target for supplies, they’re still out of flour because everyone is trying their hand at baking bread (and failing).

That’s why a lot of us are turning to subscription services. Not only can you have CSA-level produce delivered to your home, but you can also find plastic-free beauty and bath products, coffee, and even games for your kids. Best of all, you don’t have to go through Amazon to get them, and further highlights how consumers are turning to DTC brands and subscriptions for some of their everyday needs.

Here are some new subscription services that can keep you from going insane. Plus, one of them even carries that rarest of commodities—toilet paper. 

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Plastic-Free Personal Care 

by Humankind is a mission-driven, ethically-made, personal care brand dedicated to reducing our global dependence on single-use plastic in the products we use every day. They designed their products, including hand sanitizer, shampoo and conditioner bars, mouthwash, and deodorant, so anyone can meaningfully reduce their plastic waste footprint, just by getting ready in the morning. Their subscriptions include 2-pack refills for 15% off with the option to customize your delivery timing. 

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Personalized At-Home Hair Color

Likely, you're really missing your hairdresser right about now.

Color&Co is the personalized at-home hair color brand by L'Oreal for women and men, and we love the minimal branding and bold colors for this new brand. Color&Co brings salon-quality color home by connecting consumers with professional colorists through a live video consultation to deliver the most accurate formulas based on each person’s unique hair goals and needs. Each Color&Co personalized formula is 100% bespoke, taking into account hair length, texture, density, and chemical history for a one-of-a-kind color formula with your name on it. Customers save 25% on each order through subscription. 

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Caffeine Fix Subscription 

Jot's Ultra Coffee is a fair trade coffee extract that is 20 times stronger than regular coffee. Just add one tablespoon to hot or cold water for the perfect cup of coffee in seconds with no equipment, wasteful pods, or time-consuming process required (we see you and we love you, Chemex, but not today). In a time when coffee shops are closed, store access is limited and keeping a morning routine can be critical to keeping your sanity, Jot delivers directly to your door either by the bottle starting at $24, or via a monthly subscription for $20 a bottle with options for delivery every two, four, or six weeks. 

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Screen-Free Fun for Children

Little Passports creates products designed to inspire children to learn about the world through educational toys and monthly subscriptions. Loved by parents and kids alike, they designed the product line for children ages 3-12 to spark curiosity, making education fun with screen-free, interactive activities delivered to a child’s home each month. There are five different subscriptions available; three based in geography and two in science that begins at $12.95 per month. 

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One-Stop-Shop Essentials

Still can’t find toilet paper?

Public Goods offers essentials across grocery, household, and personal care products that are good for you, good for your wallet and good for the planet. For an annual membership fee of $59 (exactly half of an Amazon Prime membership), Public Goods gives members access to their entire line of thoroughly researched, high-quality products that are well-designed, eco-friendly, and well below typical retail prices.

Oh, and did we mention the toilet paper part?