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Our Fav Last Minute Hand Sanitizers

by Jessica Deseo on 04/09/2020 | 3 Minute Read

If you're like me, you've been quarantined for about a month now, and life turned upside down very quickly. In one single week, kids were home, and spouses were learning to be co-workers and fight over the wifi.

More importantly, masks, gloves, and disinfectants have become crucial, as any masked trip to Target will tell you. One other critical supply during this pandemic?


Just kidding, it's hand sanitizer. But also wine. And beer. Don't forget beer.

That said, booze actually has something to do with the need for hand sanitizer right now as many distillers have halted production to create the much-needed Coronavirus staple. Some will even include it for free when you purchase a case of beer or a handle of your favorite spirit. And seriously, what a lovely bonus! Let's not forget beauty brands have also paused production to create an in-demand necessity.

We've compiled a list of our favorite last-minute hand sanitizer products. Some branding is absolutely on-point, and I'm in disbelief at how quickly a brand can whip up a label and start selling a new product. If we learn anything from this pandemic, it is that brands can quickly step-in and adapt in a big way. As you'll see, many have fast-tracked production for first-responders who need it the most at this time.

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Old Fourth Distillery have now focused their effort to first responders. 
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Mr. Black Hand Sanitser is currently out of stock. They have also focused production to first responders. 
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Archie Rose has sold out almost immediately. 
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Manly Spirits has sold out. Join their email list to be notified. 
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Prohibition Liquor Free with every purchase of gin. 
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Straightaway Free Bottle of Hand Sanitizer with In-Store Purchase or Local Delivery
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Corsair Hand Sanitizer is being donated directly to First Responders