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The Best Packaging We Saw In April 2020

by Dieline Author on 04/30/2020 | 3 Minute Read

You know we love a good packaging collection. 

Best coffee packaging? Yes. The most out-there craft beer can? Yup. Stuff that’s yellow? Pour it down our eyeballs. Tequilas with Comic Sans on the label?

OK, that one doesn’t exist, but you get the idea.

The point is, we realized that we were missing something critical—a roundup of the best projects we’ve highlighted from the previous month. But this is no ordinary collection. You, the reader, have determined this roundup. Is it an exact science? Not necessarily, but we tabulated the Instagram likes, we dug deep into Google Analytics, and we also hearted a few of our favorite Community projects, and what we have here is a snapshot of all things Dieline from the past month.

Here are some of our most popular projects from this past April.