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McDonald's UK Helps Stay-At-Home Parents Recreate Happy Meal Boxes

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/22/2020 | 2 Minute Read

If you have a little human, chances are you staying at home with them, and the usual tricks you rely on when they need a break or just to run around are now unavailable. Parks are a no-go, as are all the classes and organized sports that keep kids busy and entertained, and most critically, tired at night so they will go the f*ck to sleep

That trip to McDonald’s, a top-tier spell, might also be inaccessible now. Under normal circumstances, the Golden Arches would prefer you swing by to pick up that Happy Meal, but things are anything but routine these days.

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The fast-food chain seems to have noticed the plight of the homebound and weary parental units and their offspring, some who may not understand why they can’t have chicky buggies for dinner. McDonald’s in the UK has released a Happy Meal template as part of their home “Family Fun hub,” which also includes interactive games and downloadable content such as puzzles and e-books. Just take the dieline of the box, fold it up, throw a tiny toy in there along with a PB&J, (because they really didn’t want that cheeseburger anyway) and voila, happiness unboxed.

Of course, some parents didn’t wait to recreate the Micky D's experience. One set of UK parents worked through the night to recreate the McDonald's experience after a promised trip went south as the restaurant chain closed in the UK due to Coronavirus. Another mother in Leeds created a DIY McDonald's meal for her autistic son. 

Regardless, parents are losing their collective minds right now, and with the school year pretty much in the rearview window, anything will help.

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