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Higher Standards Cleaning Supplies Are For Those That Prefer Clean Glass

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/13/2020 | 2 Minute Read

There are not only a multitude of ways to consume cannabis, but there are a variety of accessories to make that consumption more enjoyable. For super-serious connoisseurs, there are high-end brands for the discerning toker with style and taste-and perhaps a touch of OCD as they're known to keep their implements of smoking destruction spotless and clean.

Higher Standards is one of those cannabis brands, renowned for their high-quality glass pieces and accessories, including their cleaning kits and products, because let’s face it, smoking or dabbing from dirty pipes, bongs, and rigs can taste and look terrible.

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Higher Standards’ cleaning line comes with almost everything needed to clean your smoking gear, including cleaning salt, wipes, 99% pure isopropyl alcohol, pipe straws, stoppers, and wipes. They are all packaged in white, minimalist packaging bearing the brand’s logo with subtle fine lines and triangles adorning the background. Available individually, Higher Standards also makes a convenient kit with several of the products included.

While some of the products, like rock salt and alcohol, are commonly available for non-bong use, some of the other items, such as the resin wipes and pipe stix, are more specific and specially designed for cannabis accessories. It also helps that the packaging is pleasant enough that you can store your cleaning supplies next to your glass on display if you're into that sort of thing.

Higher Standard accessories are available directly from their website, at their flagship store in NYC, and at finer head shops near you.