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Vault49 Refreshes Cerveza Sol For International Markets

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/19/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Sol is a Mexican beer brewed since the 1890s, and it remains a popular beer domestically and internationally, thanks in part to its light, effervescent, and refreshing nature. The brand recently went through a redesign for the US market by agency Soulsight and has now refreshed its packaging for the international market, approaching Vault49 to tell the brand’s history and the proposition that, “Sol connects you to the positive energy of the sun."

The brand also wanted to reinforce their beer as an aspirational and premium option, a departure from the gritty and rebellious identity they cultivated in the past. The goal is to position Sol into a positive, colorful, and vibrant space, something that they think is more reflective of the brand and its customers.

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Vault49 dove deep into Sol’s Mexican roots, inspired by the vibrancy and color found throughout the nation’s artisanry, to lend an authenticity to the packaging refresh.

“We were struck by the way that Mexican craft is so full of vibrant spontaneity and joyful colors," said Sam Wilkes, Creative Director at Vault49. "Texture plays a central role, through the use of natural materials and pigments, which elevate the human nature of the designs. This combination of art, approachability, and heritage was the aesthetic we wanted to communicate for Sol through the new packaging."

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Vault49 studied techniques used in classic Mexican artisan designs, adding new tools and methods to incorporate into the Sol refresh that speaks to the brand. Designers then went to work creating new visual assets by hand, and the Sol sun and clouds were created from a hand-cut lino print using what they had learned about saddle-making. The sun rays and medallions on the packs were hand-painted, using a vibrant color palette inspired by the warmth of the sun.

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“By making the sun the hero of the pack and infusing the packaging with premium artistry that is directly informed by where the brand came from, we’ve brought back Sol’s lost heritage,” says Wilkes.

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