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Target's $10 Rosé Bae Is The Only Lover You'll Ever Need

by Bill McCool on 02/06/2020 | 1 Minute Read

Our love of Target is well-documented, and it feels like you can’t go a whole week without stumbling across a new private label brand from the retailer. But when we catch wind of a brand new rosé from the hap-hap-happiest place on Earth, our inner AbFab Giamatti perks up.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Target unveiled their latest offering from their insanely affordable line of wines, Rosé Bae. The ombre-colored bottles come in at an underwhelming $10 a pop, and the Grenache-starring wine features a blend of Barbera, Pinot Gris, and Tempranillo and has notes of raspberry.

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Also, it’s pink. 

If it seems like the 12.5% ABV comes in four different flavors, well, you’d be wrong. It’s the same rosé in four different bottles with varying gradients, but all promise that perfect Instagram worthy shot of you with the only lover you’ll ever need—a bottle of the fruity, pink stuff.

So whether you’re serving your sweetheart with a lovely homemade meal or riding solo as you hate-watch Marriage Story for the fifth time while your divorce papers get finalized, Rosé Bae has you covered for Valentine’s.

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