Featured image for Beardwood&Co. Helps Bayer Bring Their European Naturals Line To North America

Beardwood&Co. Helps Bayer Bring Their European Naturals Line To North America

by Bill McCool on 02/26/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Everywhere you look these days, you’ll find the power of plant-based everything. Even the drugstore. Recently, Bayer introduced one of their European natural brands to an American audience, and they turned to New York City’s Beardwood&Co. to help usher them in with a new identity—Stem & Root.

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A New-to-World Naturals Brand for Bayer

Bayer had a range of successful and long-standing naturals brands across Europe that were ripe for the North American market and needed launching under a single new brand. We were asked to develop a fully-realized new brand positioning, name, identity, packaging, voice, and messaging that meets the needs of millennial naturals shoppers across multiple indications.

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Building trust

People are very interested in natural remedies for everyday health concerns and sometimes find it hard to navigate unfamiliar products or to know what really works.

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Brand launch with CVS

We created the name Stem & Root along with the tagline “Proven Plant Power” to alleviate concerns about efficacy and position the brand around natural ingredients backed by clinical trials. At the core of our logos is a custom ampersand that incorporates a leaf and plant photography to create a bold, striking logo that juxtaposes modern design and natural imagery. Even though the package is dense with information, it feels premium, simple, and easy to understand. A Brand Panel tells the brand story, and two color-coded Product Panels explain ingredients and how the product works."

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