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Mrs. Dash Rebrands As Dash

by Bill McCool on 02/21/2020 | 2 Minute Read

If you want to make Mrs.Dash salty, you could keep referring to it as Mrs.Dash.

This past week, Mrs. Dash rebranded and dropped the “Mrs” from their name. From now on, the line of salt-free seasonings will be known as Dash. The shorter, to-the point-name wants to emphasize the brand's talent for adding flavor quickly to whatever you’re cooking in, you guessed it, a dash. 

Fewer syllables help too. Rolls right off the tongue.

The packaging now features a new logo, but ultimately retained most of the brand’s visual elements, including the logotype.

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"The Dash line of salt-free seasonings will continue to allow consumers to elevate their cooking quickly and simply – in a dash," said Julie Gould, Marketing Director of B&G Foods in a press release. "For 30+ years, the Mrs. Dash brand has been a trusted, salt-free seasoning staple in American homes, and we're thrilled to roll out the new Dash branding and products as well as a partnership with Joy Bauer, one of the most trusted and sought-after health experts in the country."

While they gave no significant reason for the switch in the press-release-y press release, allow me to play armchair speculator and point you in the direction of one of the topics from our 2020 Trend Report about non-gendered branding. That any product today needs to be definitively masculine or feminine can make a brand appear backward or offensive. Plus, if we’re honest, Mrs. Dash is a teensy bit sexist and dated. 

The so-flavorful-we-don’t-need-no-stinking-salt brand was started in the early 80s by Carol Bernick as she was looking to inject a little spice into the meals she made for her family. Sure, there’s no 50s housewife on the packaging slaving away over the stove as she tries to get her darling Jim to eat a little less salt goshdarnit so his heart doesn’t explode, but just the very existence of the brand’s name sounds a little like “where’s my dinner, Karen?”

Of course, Dash hasn't completely lost the Mrs., at least on the interwebs, as you can still go to www.mrsdash.com for all of your flavor needs.

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