This Year At Dieline Conference 2020

by Jessica Deseo on 02/20/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Change is hard. 

We live in an era of seemingly endless upheaval, and with an uncertain future on the horizon, it can be hard to see where you fit into everything, particularly as a designer. We’re all waking up to a new reality, and we want to know where we’re heading and how design can have an impact on that future.

Designers have the unique ability to envision and imagine a better world. Massive shifts are underway for brands in the areas of sustainability, circularity, politics, activism, cultural movements, big data, and emerging technology, but HOW do we thrive in a world disrupted by so much change? 

At this year’s HOW Design Live and Dieline Conference, we’re going to explore a new era in the world of design, one that is not only meaningful, but a moment that gives us insight into how we can affect a change in ourselves, and influence the culture at large.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

We all want to have a better idea of what the world to come will look like, and our lineup of speakers—some of the greatest minds working in branding and design today—can help push you forward. We’re embarking on a new age, one that goes beyond just innovation, and you don’t want to get left behind.

This isn’t just about becoming a better designer or learning how to get to the “next level” or “winning more clients;” it’s about becoming the designer you want to be. The world is still malleable, and designers have the opportunity to shape not only how we live today, but tomorrow and the day after that. It’s about transformation and finding purpose.

We’ll spare you all the lines about metamorphosis and butterflies.

As we celebrate 30 years of HOW Design Live, we realize that hindsight is 2020, but the future is unwritten. Your successes—and, yes, even your failures—become crystal clear when you tally them from afar, and while we’re constantly learning and evolving beyond our roots and from the past or the knowledge we’ve accumulated over time, we eventually find ourselves in a moment where we can no longer look back. We have to move forward and act on the future we want to realize.

Now, more than ever, designers have the opportunity to change the world. And this year, HOW and Dieline want to offer you a glimpse of what that world is, and how we can get there.

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