Durex Gets It On With Colophon Foundry For A ‘One Night Sans’

by Bill McCool on 02/20/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Everybody wants their own proprietary typeface. Even Durex.

Last week, Durex announced “One Night Sans,” a type created by Colophon Foundry in conjunction with a new visual identity by Design Bridge and Havas London. The bespoke typeface comes hot on the heels of the brand’s 2017 sex survey that revealed a whole slew of messy feelings and confusion about having “relations.” From swiping and STDs to consent and the unrealistic expectations delivered in the form of porn, the brand wanted to present themselves in a clear, honest light that dispels many of the myths about sex that persist in a confused landscape.

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The playful font comes in nine widths, and the oval lozenge shape found in the wordmark also makes an appearance in the typeface. Variable logos and fonts are all the rage these days, as a brand’s identity has to live in multiple platforms across the marketplace, and has to be adaptable and can be recognized anywhere.

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“Beyond the tonal breadth afforded by the widths, contextual alternatives, and expressive punctuation, it gives the brand personality even greater amplification wherever and whenever we need to talk with our audience,” said Havas London head of design Lorenzo Fruzza to It’s Nice That.

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You can find the new typeface throughout Durex’s many products, as well as print advertisements and billboards. 

Anyhow, happy to see that Havas London, Design Bridge, Colophon, and Durex finally wrapped this one up.

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