Coca-Cola Mixes A Lot Of Ginger Into Your Sprite

by Bill McCool on 02/17/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Coca-Cola has proven, time and again, that they aren’t afraid to reimagine (or remix) their core brands.

This past week, they launched a new Sprite flavor that comes with a “hit” of ginger, perfect for those sick stomachs out there craving a debunked urban legend home remedy in the form of a non-Schweppes ginger beverage with bubbles. Need something with a little less sugar since you’re off the stuff now? Well, they also released Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar.

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Coca-Cola’s commitment to outlandish flavors grows as consumers not only want less sugar in their lives, but they also want a little more inventiveness. Just last fall, Sprite also released a Winter-Spiced Cranberry variant as well as a Sprite Lymonade a year ago. 

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And the packaging for this latest taste sensation? See that golden oval descending upon your milquetoast Sprite? That’s not just a dollop of ginger. Not a skosh, not a morsel, not a splash, not even a smidgen. No.

That’s a hit.

“With every sip, you’ll get the crisp, refreshing cut-through of lemon-lime up front, balanced with a hit of ginger on the back-end,” said Mark Shorey, brand manager for Sprite in a press release. “The Sprite Ginger launch is all about reinvention… reimagining the signature attributes Sprite fans know and love, with something new and unexpected.”

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Additionally, Sprite has teamed with streetwear aficionado Jeff Staple, unveiling their “Ginger Collection,” a line of apparel including graphic t-shirts and hoodies as well as skateboards and vinyl figurines. You know, for the kids. 

Sprite Ginger and Sprite Ginger Zero are both available nationwide. Try to buy it in a can instead of a plastic bottle.

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