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Brewdog Does A Visual Refresh And Announces Sustainability Initiatives

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/17/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Scottish beermaker Brewdog announced a visual update, as well as a slew of new sustainability efforts, including recycling, upcycling, reducing greenhouse emissions, transparency, and a fund to research and develop additional initiatives to help the entire beer industry become a little more green.

The visual update plays it safe for the most part, executed cleanly with an explicit brand unity found through their common visual elements, as well as a crisp type that makes the labels an easier read. After 13 years, the self-described “rebels” have tempered that edge-lordy attitude, at least visually. Gone are the raw aluminum cans, monochromatic color schemes, and boxed-in text for a more refined visual identity.

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Developing and selling DIY homebrew kits are also in the works, with Brewdog asking customers to “brew your own damn beer” to reduce the need to burn fossil fuels distributing cans and bottles. Homebrewers looking to replicate their Brewdog favorites will have it easy as the beer company also announced that they're open-sourcing their beer knowledge. Now, anyone can read, use, distribute, and modify Bewdog’s intellectual property that they release under an open-source license such as Creative Commons.

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Finally, Brewdog also announced the “Tomorrow Fund,” which will support sustainability research that benefits the brewing industry as a whole, as well as charities selected by crew members and shareholders. Brewdog has committed spending £1 million annually through this new fund.

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“BrewDog may have grown up a bit, but our underdog spirit is as alive as ever," said James Watt, co-founder of Brewdog in the announcement of the visual refresh and their “Brewdog Tomorrow” sustainability efforts. "We want to make sure that we’re working to inspire a new kind of business, with sustainability at its core."

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"Real change takes time," he added. "But just because change doesn’t happen overnight, doesn’t mean it can’t - if not now when? BrewDog Tomorrow is our commitment to continuously raising the bar and setting a new standard for beer and business."

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