This Valentine's Day, Pepsi Is Bringing The Ice With A Crystal Pepsi Engagement Ring

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/14/2020 | 2 Minute Read

According to a study conducted by jeweler James Allen, 43% of millennials said Valentine’s Day is their top pick for when they’d like to become engaged, and they all anticipate a moment that feels meaningful to them and the bond they've created. Planning a novel proposal has become harder in today’s connected world, of course, with betrothed after betrothed sharing their experiences online. So how do you keep this ritual fresh?

Thankfully, Pepsi is offering lovers a distinctive down-on-one-knee-event with an engagement ring made out of Crystal Pepsi.

Editorial photograph

The engagement ring features a lab-grown, clear-cola-containing 1.53-carat diamond set into a platinum band. Real Crystal Pepsi was broken down into elemental carbon and then added into the artificial growing process to create this exceptional stone. The resulting bling sits inside a white ring box featuring the retro-chic Crystal Pepsi logo.

Because nothing says "spend the rest of your life with me" quite like a ring box featuring the logo of a much-maligned, failed brand.

Editorial photograph

The ring is only available through a social media contest where entrants share their proposal plans using the requisite mentions and hashtags on Twitter. One lucky proposer will win the one-of-kind Pepsi engagement ring, freeing up three months worth of salary for the Vegas bachelor(ette) party.

Pepsi worked with creative agency VaynerMedia to create the Pepsi Proposal campaign, which runs until March 6th, with a winner announced March 16th.

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