Limited-Edition M Missoni X Pure Beauty Pre-Rolls Light Up LA

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/12/2020 | 1 Minute Read

In a possible first for the cannabis industry and haute couture, M Missoni and Pure Beauty debuted a limited-edition cannabis cigarette pack featuring Pure Beauty’s carefully curated marijuana and the Italian fashion house's signature visual style. 

The pre-rolled joints were part of M Missoni's fall/autumn show in Los Angeles, which also included a branded double-decker bus tour of LA. Ultimately, this meant stopping for hotdogs, fries, and a fashion showcase at Pink's Hot Dogs, the popular food shack in the city of broken dreams, all-around pleasant weather, and perpetual freeway congestion.

Editorial photograph

Pure Beauty’s packs are flip-top boxes, usually sporting a minimal and monochromatic design featuring their signature “side-eyes,” but this collaboration comes dressed up in M Missoni’s famous zig-zag knit pattern. Although cannabis is legal for recreational use in California, as well as ten other states, it is still federally illegal in the US, and there's enough of a stigma that such a partnership remains a bold move with some risk for a non-marijuana brand.

M Missoni is the more experimental diffusion offering of parent Missoni, taking more chances than traditional, more established lines. The limited run of cannabis cigarettes will be available in Los Angeles area marijuana shops until supplies run out.

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