Chanel’s New Accessory Is Fashionably Zero Waste (And Nearly $6,000)

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/13/2020 | 1 Minute Read

There’s no question that hydrating via single-use plastic water bottles is déclassé, as well as terrible for the environment. With the multitude of reusable water bottles out there, chances are, if you drink water, there’s a refillable vessel for you. 

Now, that includes fashionistas looking to quench their parched lips as well with the release of Chanel’s new water flask and matching bag.

Editorial photograph

The gold-toned high fashion accessory is unmistakably Chanel, featuring the house’s signature, interlocking Cs on the black plastic cork and black, quilted lambskin carrying bag, with a golden chain shoulder strap. The ostentatious water bottle is perhaps the most conspicuous way to drink your water, but it won't come cheap, given its nearly $6,000 price tag.

The water flask bag has already been creating a buzz, being on the red carpet at events such as the Grammy’s, where nominee Maggie Rogers was seen carrying the chic water bottle instead of a traditional clutch, accessorizing her Chanel dress.

Despite costing more than five grand, the French fashion house has already sold out, with resell prices reaching $9,500, or about 395 cases of Evian bottled water. Surely a small price to pay to showcase your commitment to reducing plastic in style.

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