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Guess The Man Behind The Mustache With La Birrotuda Beer

by Shawn Binder on 12/02/2020 | 2 Minute Read

La Birrotuda makes identifying the man behind the mustache a fun drinking game. These beer labels feature a striking yellow as the backdrop color. On top of the main label a picture of a famous mustache is featured, only to have spray painted elements blend the picture and the label together. The elongated, san-serif font is close in kearning, and allows the brand name to run horizontally. These labels are around the initiative, Movember, giving space for men to talk about their emotions and mental health. By bringing this cheeky, masculine design to the table, La Birrotuda is working to break down the stigma of men discussing what is ailing them. Beers for a good cause? We’ll take six.

Movember is a community of rockstars raising money, making a difference in mental health & suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Butcher Brothers are the promoters of this initiative in Valladolid (Spain), and those who together with Cervezas Scone devised an alternative to raise funds now the events are restricted.

The movement is meant to encourage men to stay connected with friends and family and bring conversations about mental health out of the health system. What better excuse than a beer to start a conversation?

Our contribution with the label design aims to give visibility and raise awareness. Whoever is behind, the main point will be his mustache. Make this cause visible, normalize conversations between friends and have an excuse on hand as an ice-breaker.

Birrotuda Blonde Ale is a quality craft beer made in Asturias (Spain), 100% natural, exquisite and suitable for celiacs. Liquid gold that encourages conversation about what really matters. In addition, a portion of each beer purchase price is donated to Movember Foundation.

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