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Dieline's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For The Cannabis Lover In Your Life

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/02/2020 | 5 Minute Read

Getting gifts for the stoner in one’s life used to consist of going over to a dicey head shop in the middle of a sketchy strip mall and buying some glassware marked “for tobacco use only” that gets wrapped in an improvised package. 

And, boy, how we evolved. Cannabis products have become more sophisticated and range from elegantly packaged consumables, useful accessories, and fun gifts with a green flare. That you can even compile a list for a holiday shopping guide speaks volumes as to where we currently are. And sure, it’s not yet federally legal, but we all know it’s coming.

That said, here are some great gifts for your extra stoney pals. Or even your mom.

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Cannabis Santal

Smelling like marijuana usually meant a bouquet of burnt cannabis. However, Fresh’s Cannabis Santal turns that notion on its head, with a fragrance they describe as “a sensual, woodsy fragrance that captures the raw energy of desire.” The perfume is minimally bottled in frosted glass along with a simple label featuring elegant type choices. No pot leaves or cannabis puns to be found here, and this is more classy than grassy.

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Editorial photograph

Malin+Goetz Cannabis Candle

Cannabis-based fragrances aren’t just limited to perfume either—NYC-based luxury care brand Malin+Goetz now sells a cannabis candle. Burning it won’t hotbox your living room, but it does include hemp along with other scents such as muguet, bergamot, cedarwood, patchouli, and sandalwood. Packaged in a minimal, dark green box that's heavy on text, the cannabis candle is a definite step up from corner store incense.

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Shine Golden Rolling Papers

Though COVID has put a damper on social get-togethers around the holidays, that doesn’t mean fancy joints are out of the picture. Now, expert rollers will just have to show off their joint-making skills virtually. Give the person with those deft fingers that always wraps together the perfect joint golden wrapping papers from Shine. Made from 24k gold, the papers are safe to smoke and adds serious bling to any sesh. The packaging features an open window that showcases the golden rollers, letting the products shimmer and shine through to luxurious effect.

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A Pot for Pot

For the cannabis enthusiast who also loves to post pictures of their non-marijuana houseplants and garden, there’s DIY cannabis grow kit from A Pot for Pot. The kit includes almost everything needed to start growing buds, save for seeds, sun, and water packaged in a fun box with pleasantly illustrated pot leaves printed on them. Otherwise, A Pot for Pot has more of a gardening vibe than a “let’s grow drugs” one, which is kinda nice. Those aspiring to be the next narco kingpin will need a little more than this kit to start their drug empire, though.

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Hello Again Holiday Bundle

Hello Again, makers of cannabis vaginal suppositories, had fun with its holiday packaging. Sure, it’s festive, with a red bow across the front and cheeky copy like “Don’t be a grinch, stuff your stocking with this!” The box includes 16 suppositories designed for day and overnight use to relieve menopausal symptoms.

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Aster Farm and Potli’s Infused Olive Oil

Cooking and cannabis are a natural pairing as cannabis is not only appetite-inducing, but it can enhance the senses associated with eating, elevating even fast-food drive-thru into a gastronomic experience. Aster Farm and Potli’s infused extra virgin olive oil bring together some of the best agricultural products of Lake County, California. The packaging features a dark red sun setting down on a landscape, with typography that's elegant and worthy of a gourmet gift that will likely take a prominent spot in any canna-chef’s pantry.

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Editorial photograph

Coda Signature’s Aria Collection

The holidays provide a great excuse to indulge in sweets, and Coda Signature’s Aria Collection truffles are sure to delight chocoholics that also like to indulge in cannabis. The hand-painted truffles pack 10mg of THC each and come packaged in a luxe black box with a white and colorful belly band.

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Blitzen OG

The gift of actual cannabis sounds like a grand gift idea, but there’s nothing holiday-related when it comes to flower. Caliva’s changed that with a strain especially tailored for the season, Blitzen OG, and comes adorned with festive, gift wrap inspired label. Caliva says Blitzen OG is a cross between Alien Kush and Tahoe OG for a cerebral buzz with a cozy body high, just the way you'll want to feel after watching A Charlie Brown Christmas for the 100th time.

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Plus Sugar Plum Edibles

Sugarplum fairies might not be real, but if you get high enough that you might see a few. What better way than with sugar plum edibles from Plus? The gummies contain full-spectrum cannabis and mix holiday favorites such as blood orange and cinnamon together for a festive and uplifting way to celebrate the season.

Also, a pot leaf as plum stem is kinda funny.

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Gatorbeug Maxibeug

Remember the days when a smoke sesh started with the construction of an improvised bong, sometimes out of one of those sports drink plastic bottles and a stem. Superettes recreates the MacGuyver’d instrument in glass, called Gatorbeug Maxibeug. It's artful glassware that also serves as a pop-art reminder of simpler times.

If all else fails, a pallet of Cheetos works too.

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