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The Best Things Come In Custom Packaging (and Can Fight Work-Related Stress)

by The Dieline on 12/17/2020 | 4 Minute Read

Our action item lists just keep growing and getting longer every day. And it’s not just the delayed launches or having to work longer hours, Now, we have to contend with a global pandemic.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Through peace and crisis, change and uncertainty have always challenged even the best. Work might be the last thing on your team’s mind, especially if some of them have young children embarking upon the most perilous of journeys—remote learning. But the best teams don’t just learn to adjust to a brand new set of unwanted circumstances; they figure out how to adapt and do it better than they could have in more favorable times. That’s the kind of hard-won confidence you can only earn from trial by fire.

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Fighting Stress and Decreased Productivity

Of course, with all things 2020, your team might be staring down a bout with low morale. It's the ticking time bomb you definitely don't want to encounter as you move into the new year. If your employees lose faith in you, you could ultimately drag down the team’s productive output, and that could lead to some mighty awkward Zoom meetings. That's why you need to keep your organization's mental game finely tuned, as it could be the test for landing a new client or scoring a global brand's launch.

It's entirely possible that you noticed some of your employees feeling extra stressed as they acclimate themselves to the new normal of working from home. Perhaps the lines between work and personal lives-or desk and couch-is becoming increasingly blurred? You might be wondering, how can I help?

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In times of upheaval, what your team needs is a steady hand to lead them through the chaos. Be patient, empathetic, and listen. Next, proactively reach out. Communication is more important now than ever. And, while it may seem small, you shouldn't underestimate the power of a small gesture.

There isn't a person on your team who doesn't have it rough right now, especially in these uncertain times that everyone reminds us about constantly. That's why mental wellness should be top of mind for all employers, and there are plenty of things you can do to encourage and promote it in the workplace. Nor is it something you should overlook, especially when kickstarting an initiative like this could mean something as straightforward and simple as putting together a personalized gift box of swag for employees.

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A Personalized Gesture Goes A Long Way (Really)

Your employees want to know that their company cares about them, especially when they're living through a moment like this, and that's why a healthy, positive company culture is crucial to a thriving business and an extraordinary team. Most executives and CEOs feel the same, with over 50% saying that culture is important to productivity and growth. It's a pretty obvious conclusion to draw, but if you care about your team, then they'll stick by you, even in the toughest of times. They do their best work, and everyone comes out on top. The secret sauce is always good morale.

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If you’re interested in how to send a personalized token of appreciation to your team, think about some of the small gestures you can make—maybe it’s a custom water bottle along with some decadent chocolates. Now, take those presents and package them in a delightful branded gift box from Packwire. It’s all about being human, keeping things simple, and letting your employees know that you're all in this together. And that's not just some trite, overwrought message; it genuinely shows that you care about the work they do and the sacrifices they make.

Imagine the pride, surprise, and delight an employee feels when they see their company logo on a box that just landed on their doorstep. Everyone loves getting a package in the mail. And it goes a lot further than you think. A personalized gift with Packwire’s customized packaging  isn't just an opportunity to improve team morale—it's a chance to promote your company’s values.

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Editorial photograph

What better way to show that you empathize with your folks than gifting your team with a work from home survival kit, complete with cozy socks, snacks, caffeinated delights, and even a succulent?

If we're not going into the office anymore, a care package or a handwritten note goes a long way to showing employees that you care deeply about their well-being and that you're thinking of them. Don't let distance or proximity to one another stand in the way of striking an appreciative note. Send them some company swag to help them set up a comfortable working environment or a collection of snacks and games to support how they recover energy in the off-hours.

So, tell your team that you're there for them. You'll do wonders for your company culture, and you'll get employees willing to go the extra mile. Connect with a Packwire expert today and make a long-term investment in your employee’s well-being with an act of kindness.

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