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Bob Dylan's 'Bootleg' Bourbon Exquisitely Showcases His Visual Artistry

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/09/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Bob Dylan is perhaps best known as a towering legend of song. Of course, some folks might not know that he's also an accomplished author, visual artist, and since 2018, the face of a celebrity whiskey line, Heaven’s Door (so much for selling out over just ladies undergarments).

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The brand’s range features premium whiskeys and bourbon, and the labels showcase his iron gate sculptures, which he crafts in his Black Buffalo Iron Works studio. However, the brand's limited-edition Bootleg Series' packaging highlights work from another of Dylan’s visual oeuvres, creating luxurious and artful packaging to house unique American spirits.

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The Bootleg Series is a platform for Heaven’s Door to showcase and share more adventurous, rare, and experiential drinks while still combining Dylan’s lyrical and visual spirit. The 2020 edition is a 15-year straight bourbon finished in Jamaican pot still rum casks that comes housed in a white ceramic bottle featuring the artist’s Sunset, Monument Valley wrapped around the bottle.

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The painting features a highway cutting through the southwestern desert, with the red landscape blending into the sunset. A stick seal is orange and sports Dylan’s signature, and the bottle gets packaged in an opulent leather bound case, something that should feel at home in a study full of rich, mahogany furnishings.

Don’t think twice it’s all right about the sticker price, as each bottle goes for about $500 and is available from ReserveBar.com

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